First class: Welcome!

Welcome to Creative Coding: Art and Games

I will use this site to post links to readings, examples of projects and code, as well as homework and project descriptions. Blackboard will also be used to post homework reminders, but primarily as a way for you to keep track of your grades.

From the syllabus, here is the course description:

Creative Coding: Art and Games focuses on the development of a contemporary art practice incorporating interactivity and technological developments from the ground up for the creation of Art and Art-based games. What types of artworks can be conceptualized and produced when incorporating computing power?

Students will learn the basics for working within the realm of physical computing; computer interfaces that go beyond the typical keyboard and mouse. The course will begin instruction with small-scale programmable computers called microcontrollers and students will become familiar with building electronic circuits in service of creative output. This course will also explore generative visual output through the fundamental steps and concepts of programming including variables, conditionals, iteration, and functions. Particular attention will be focused on creation of interactivity, whether this includes controlling and programming digital games or physical and digital artwork. 

This course will utilize weekly exercises to build dedicated technical skills, discussions and readings to foster critical understandings of the interactive media possibilities, and midterm and final projects to explore personal interests with conceptual rigor and creative freedom.

The most important thing about this class is that I assume NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE, and you should always feel free to ask questions and seek out assistance from myself or your classmates on all assignments.